Support Polymount in the fight against cancer

Polymount staff are going to cycle & walk up the mountain Alpe d’Huzes to raise money for cancer research so that one day no one dies of cancer.

On the 1st of June our Polymount team will be participating in Alpe d’Huzes 2017, which is a charity event organized to raise money for the KWF (the Dutch Cancer Society) cancer research fund. During this charity event the participants will run, walk, or cycle up the Alpe d’Huzes climb up to six times under the motto: ‘Giving up is not an option’. 
The money raised by all the participants of Alpe d’Huzes will be spent on scientific cancer research into all of its forms. 100% of the sponsorships we receive go directly to KWF (Dutch Cancer Society) and go towards the KWF and Alpe d'Huzes appointed goal: The day that no one dies of cancer!

Since the start of this event in 2006, Alpe d’Huzes has raised over 130 Million Euros, we would like to donate as much as possible and therefore ask you to sponsor the Polymount Team. 

The Polymount team will consist out of the following members:
Cycling up the Alpe d'Huez climb:                             Walking up the the Alpe d'Huez climb:
Jan Willem Boers – CEO                                               Onja Boudewijns - HR    
Martin Kvapil – Sales Eastern Europe                           Gerrit vh Ende – Sales support
Nehat Haliti– Quality manager                                       Desiree Boers - Finance
Emiel vd Brink – Twinlock team leader                          Jos Willemsen – Process control
Wisam Abdo – Twinlock team leader
Jos vd Belt –Technician machine dept.
Jan Siekerman – Technician machine dept.
Carlos Saya – Marketing 

Please support our Polymount team in the fight against cancer and sponsor us! We have the following sponsor options available;

Diamond: 1000 Euro
Platinum: 500 Euro
Gold: 250 Euro
Silver: 100 Euro
Bronze: 50 Euro

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Please contact our Marketing Manager, Carlos Saya for more information or you can download the Alpe d'HuZes sponsor form and support Polymount in the fight against cancer.