Polymount Film Cleaner wins FTA 2017 Sustainability excellence award

The Polymount Film Cleaner receives the 2017 FTA Sustainability Excellence Award. This award is given to companies for exceptional efforts in developing innovative, processes, products and management approaches that have had a positive impact on the three mainstays of sustainability – people, planet and profit. 

The concept of the Polymount Film Cleaner
It’s simple; The Polymount Film Cleaner cleans your printed film and enables you to reuse this film for the next set-up of a new print job. Instead of ending up with thousands of meters of waste set-up film we have developed a machine, which allows you to reuse your set-up film over and over again. Cleaning your set-up substrates is also beneficial even if you don’t want to reuse it but choose to recycle it instead. Clean film with no ink remaining will obtain a higher resale value compared to printed film.

How does the Polymount Film Cleaner work?
Never seen the Polymount Film Cleaner in action? The video below shows how the machine works; the roll of printed film is guided via multiple loops through a washing tank filled with a specially developed Polywash cleaning liquid. There is a recovery unit installed to keep the Polywash clean and maintain its de-inking ability. After the washing tank, the material passes a water rinsing tank to remove the residual Polywash. The last station is where the cleaned film is dried with patented technology, the end result is a roll of clean and dry film which is ready for the next set-up. The Polymount Film Cleaner can clean up to 50 meters of printed film a minute.

The Polymount Film Cleaner fits our company philosophy perfectly. 
The Polymount Film Cleaner fits perfectly within the Polymount philosophy. The machine enables you to reuse your printed film, hence the slogan: ”Creators of Reusable Solutions”. Furthermore the Polymount Film Cleaner, just like our self-adhesive Twinlock Sleeve and our Polymount Plate Cleaner, is friendly to the environment and enables you to save significant amounts of money on your consumables. This is increasingly relevant in today’s world as print runs are getting shorter and you have to change jobs more often than maybe a decade ago. Think of all the set-up waste you have from job changes on a daily or weekly basis. With the Polymount Film Cleaner you are able to reduce this waste enormously.These savings were not previously possible but with our new machine they now become a reality.

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