Polymount raises 30.000 Euro's for cancer research

On the 1st of June a group of Polymount staff were at the Alpe D’huzes, which is a charity event to raise money to fund cancer research! The total amount raised by all participants was over 10 Million Euro’s and we are very proud that we were able to contribute a considerable amount to this good cause; A day that no one dies of cancer!


Between 4:30 in the morning and 20:00 in the evening, all participants had the chance to climb the Alpe D’huez for a maximum of 6 times. The climb is 13.5 km long and the average gradient is 8%. The day started with perfect weather but then it suddenly turned into thunder, lightning and  heavy rain, therefore some of our Polymount cyclists did not complete their 3rd or 4th  climb. The organization terminated the event immediately after lightning hit a volunteer on a motorcycle. We would like to thank all the volunteers who cheered us on and helped every single one of us to reach the top safely.


Below is a list of the whole Polymount team and how many times each of them went up the famous and challenging climb;


Cyclists:                                  Completed Climbs:

Jan Willem Boers                              2 2/3

Nehat Haliti                                       3 2/3

Emiel van de Brink                           3 2/3

Wisam Abdo                                     2 2/3

Jos van de Belt                                 2 2/3

Jan Siekerman                                  2 2/3

Martin Kvapil                                    2 2/3

Carlos Saya                                        3   


Walkers/Runners:                Completed Climbs:

Desiree Boers                                    2

Onja Boudewijns                               1

Gerrit van het Ende                          3

Jos Willemsen                                    1


On behalf of the whole Polymount team we would like to thank all of our sponsors who donated. Thanks for supporting us in the fight against cancer!!