Polymount raises 30.000 Euro's for cancer research

02 June 2017

On the 1st of June a group of Polymount staff were at the Alpe D’huzes, which is a charity event to raise money to fund cancer research! The total amount raised by all participants was over 10 Million Euro’s and we are very proud that we were able to contribute a considerable amount to this good cause; A day that no one dies of cancer!


Plasbel invest in Twinlock Sleeves

30 May 2017

Plasbel  Plasticos S.A.U. are based in Murcia, Spain, and also have a second production facility in Qatar. They have over 20 year’s experience in the extruding and converting of plastic films, mainly for the flexible packaging market. 
As part of their strategic expansion plans and as an investment for increased quality, they recently installed their first  W&H Miraflex CM 8 colour CI press at their 30,000 M2 site in Murcia, having already gained a lot or printing experience with their in-line printing operations.  


Polymount Film Cleaner wins FTA 2017 Sustainability excellence award

30 April 2017
Polymount Film Cleaner

The Polymount Film Cleaner receives the 2017 FTA Sustainability Excellence Award. This award is given to companies for exceptional efforts in developing innovative, processes, products and management approaches that have had a positive impact on the three mainstays of sustainability – people, planet and profit. 

The concept of the Polymount Film Cleaner
It’s simple; The Polymount Film Cleaner cleans your printed film and enables you to reuse this film for the next set-up of a new print job. Instead of ending up with thousands of meters of waste set-up film we have developed a machine, which allows you to reuse your set-up film over and over again. Cleaning your set-up substrates is also beneficial even if you don’t want to reuse it but choose to recycle it instead. Clean film with no ink remaining will obtain a higher resale value compared to printed film.


Polymount Plate Cleaner is a great success in Greece resulting in 6 installations within one year

10 April 2017

Since Drupa we have sold 6 Polymount Plate Cleaners to printers in Greece. A great success in a relatively small market. In today’s competitive market, where it is all about high quality HD and Full HD printing, one of the most important elements is a clean and well-maintained printing plate.
Our Plate Cleaner will make sure that your printing plates stay perfectly clean and in good condition. Our machine was designed from the outset to clean dirty printing plates and our unique microfiber brush cleans even the finest screens,. In short, our plate cleaner is simple, effective and specifically designed for plate cleaning!


Nico Jasper joins the Polymount sales team

03 April 2017

Since the 1st of April Nico will be one of our Account Managers for the German speaking countries. Nico is a great addition to our sales team due to his knowledge of sleeves and his experience within the Flexo business, having worked for Rotec, which was later was taken over by Flint.  


Contstantia Teich in Poland ordered their second Plate Cleaner

30 March 2017
Polymount Plate Cleaner

Constantia Teich in Poland ordered their second Polymount Plate Cleaner, which is a bigger one compared to the one they already have.


Alpe d'HuZes sponsor update

28 March 2017

On the 1st of June our Polymount team will participate in the Alpe D’huZes 2017, which is a charity event organized to raise money for the KWF (the Dutch Cancer Society) cancer research fund. During this charity event the participants will run, walk, or cycle up the Alpe d’Huez climb up to six times under the motto: ‘Giving up is not an option’. Currently we raised over 18.000 Euro for cancer research. Our goal is to raise over 30.000 Euro for the Dutch Cancer Society which they can use for cancer research. 


Folmex fully equips their W&H press with Twinlock Sleeves

15 March 2017

Folmex in Mexico have completely equipped their W&H press with Twinlock Sleeves. After a successful start-up, they found that the print results they obtained with our Twinlock Sleeves were better than the print results with mounting tape. They can also achieve higher press speeds compared to standard mounting tape, due to the better absorption of bouncing in the press with Twinlock. Another important factor contributing to the higher press speeds is the higher stability of Twinlock compared to mounting tape.


Entrevista a Orlando Pannocchia en la Cumbre Latinoamericana de Innovación en Envases Plásticos 2017

08 March 2017

David Luna, director editorial en México de Carvajal Medios B2B, entrevistó a Orlando Pannocchia, vicepresidente de ventas de Polymount Latinoamérica, sobre su conferencia y participación en la primera Cumbre Latinoamericana de Innovación en Envases Plásticos.


Recap: Open house at Hexxa Flexibles in Dubai

07 February 2017

Open House event held at the premises of Hexxa Flexible Packaging between January 24 and 25 which was attended by senior management executives across the label industry including Kimoha, Pacman – CCL, Future Pack, Sigma Labels, Matrix Pack, Medad, Nuplas, Emirates Printing Press, Express Group, Repotronics, Namma Digtech and Repro Flex 3 (R3).