G’IMPRIM invest in more Twinlock sleeves

22 January 2016

With another new 8 colour printing press being installed towards the end of the first quarter 2016, G’IMPRIM has once again decided to equip their latest machine with Twinlock sleeves. 


Oerlemans Packaging Group goes Twinlock

15 January 2016

One of the largest printers in the Benelux, Oerlemans Packaging Group, has decided that Twinlock sleeves to be their future, by equipping their new W&H Miraflex in Giessen exclusively with self-adhesiveTwinlock sleeves.


The Benelux, an indicator of the global Twinlock potential

05 January 2016

In Benelux the potential of Twinlock has almost reached it’s maximum market penetration. 65% of mounting tapes have already been eliminated and the last of the large flexo printers are currently converting their facilities to ‘tape free’ plate mounting. In 2 years time 85% of the printing plates used in the Benelux will be mounted on self-adhesive Twinlock sleeves. Our largest Twinlock user in the Netherlands does 3000 sleeve changes per week!! Since they started using Twinlock sleeves they can no longer imagine going back to using tape. 



Multigestiones Ayax fully equips their facility with Twinlock Sleeves

17 December 2015

Mulitgestiones Ayax is one of the biggest printers in Central America and started using the self-adhesive Twinlock Sleeves when they bought a new Comexi  FPlus 2510 in 2010. It was when they were configuring the machine at Comexi in Girona that they first came across Twinlock Sleeves. The management of Mulitgestiones was so impressed with the quality and consistency of the print results that they immediately visited our headoffice in Nijkerk.


Chemosvit invests in their second Polymount Plate Cleaner

20 November 2015

The Chemosvit Group consists of a group of companies involved in the production, converting and sales of flexible films intended for packaging and for the electrotechnical industry, production and sales of plastics, recycled plastics, polypropylene yarn, machinery and packaging machines.
The first Polymount Plate Cleaner was installed in September 2015, and now in November 2015 they have invested in the second Plate Cleaner. The reason that they bought another Plate Cleaner is that the cleaning results exceeded their expectations without damaging any plates and the operators are impressed by the user friendliness of the machine. 


Polymount Film Cleaner update: request a short demo movie

05 November 2015
Polymount Film Cleaner

As you may know we are currently testing the machine in an actual printing environment. In order to test how the machine endures the constant cleaning of hundreds of meters of printed film. If you want to see how our first model actually looks like and runs you can send an email to our Marketing Manager, Carlos Saya and he will make sure that you will receive the short demo movie of the Polymount Film Cleaner. So you can see for yourself how the machine cleans printed film. 


We made the best Plate Cleaner even better with the new rack & pinion drive system

30 October 2015
Polymount Plate Cleaner

We recently upgraded our Plate Cleaners with a new sticky plate transportation system. The old chain system worked well but we were always searching for ways to improve our machines. The transportation system is one of the most important parts of the Plate Cleaner. After a period of testing we became aware of the fact that the rack & pinion drive system helps the machine run more smoothly than the old system using chains. Therefore we decided to make this the new standard for all of our machines. 


The new Twinlock video

23 October 2015

Polymount proudly presents the new Twinlock video, after seeing this video you will know all that there is to know about our self-adhesive Twinlock Sleeves. In this video we explain the simple concept of Twinlock, the build up of the Twinlock Sleeve, how easy it is to mount plates on Twinlock Sleeves and we elaborate on our Quality Management, which ensures that every sleeve has the perfect oustide diameter.


With Twinlock Belona takes the next step to improve their sustainability program

15 October 2015

Belona Oud-Gastel, one of the leading label companies in the Benelux, have fully equipped their brand new MPS Printing press with self-adhesive Twinlock sleeves.
After winning the sustainability award at Macropak 2014 with their LINERLESS labels, they now print their labels “TAPELESS” as well.


Recap of Polymount's attendance at the Labelexpo in Brussels

09 October 2015

Labelexpo 2015 has come and gone. If you stopped by our stand to see us, thank you. We were very pleased to meet and speak with so many of you.