ROI after
25 times
of usage

adhesion &

print results

Twinlock eliminates
the need for tape

Twinlock reduces
your tape waste and
thus improves your
Carbon Footprint

Efficieny increase in the
mounting department

Since the beginning of March the Twinlock product division is part of tesa SE. For more information about the tesa Twinlock self-adhesive sleeves please visit the tesa website

The self-adhesive sleeve that saves time and money
The self-adhesive Twinlock sleeve is compressible and self-adhesive meaning that tape is no longer necessary to mount your printing plates. The sleeve’s adhesive qualities are easily reactivated simply by cleaning its tacky surface thus making it ready to hold the next set of plates. The adhesion is permanent and guaranteed for the life of the base sleeve.

By making your mounting department more efficient the Twinlock sleeve saves your business significant amounts of time and money. It’s our principle product and is already used by hundreds of Flexo printers in over 80 countries.

Polymount sleeves are extremely accurate
Mounting sleeves with different tapes causes a totally unnecessary inconsistency, Twinlock sleeves do away with this variable that can so easily cause errors in your daily production. Constant monitoring of the Polyurethane and Polymount (adhesive) coating throughout production yields the tightest possible tolerances. Our cutting edge production process, traceability capabilities and the use of laser measuring systems allow us to produce these highly accurate outside diameters time after time.

Not only will our self-adhesive sleeve bring you added efficiency, Polymount will also provide you with consistency. Consistency of performance and quality in adhesion levels, outside diameters and compressibility!
The self-adhesive Twinlock Sleeves are available in three densities:

These different densities of Polyurethane foam will offer you the (award winning) quality print results you are looking for.

The Twinlock sleeve won the FTA Innovation of the year award and is both Full HD and HD certified by ESKO.
In 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2017 “Best of Show print awards” were printed using the self-adhesive Twinlock sleeves.

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