A Polymount milestone: The 500th installation of the Polymount Plate Cleaner

12 June 2015

A Polymount milestone: The 500th installation of the Polymount Plate Cleaner

We are very proud to announce that we installed the 500th Polymount Plate Cleaner last week. Our Plate Cleaner is a common sight in mounting departments all over the world, constantly cleaning dirty plates and has proven to save our customers  both time and money. 
Since the introduction of the Polymount Plate Cleaner in 2004 we have been continually improving the machine. The most important changes are listed below.

From unidirectional to bidirectional
The very first machines only worked in one direction, every time the plates came out clean on the exit side you had to pick up the sticky plate manually and place it on the entry side again, in order to do another round of cleaning. We changed the design to offer a bidirectional machine, where the machine cleans and dries in both directions. When the plates are clean and dry on the exit side of the machine, you can remove and store them and then mount the next set of dirty plates on the sticky plate. Then simply by pressing the button the machine cleans your plates in the opposite direction. This was a major development in making the machine as efficient as possible. The manual handling needed to operate the machine decreased tremendously due to this modification. 

The driving mechanism
The most recent improvement of the machine is the new drive system for the sticky plate, which carries the dirty plates through the machine. The ‘old’ machines were built with a chain drive system and the ‘new’ machines are built with a rack and pinion drive. The main benefit of this recent change is that the new drive method is more robust compared to the old chain one.
If you have a chain mechanism and you want to switch to the new rack and pinion system we can adapt the machine during a service of the machine by the Polymount technical support team. 

Maintenance of the Polymount Plate Cleaner
We advise our customers to have us perform annual service on the machine to ensure that it will perform at its very best. Another thing to maximise the lifetime of your printing plates and the machine is to follow the daily and monthly maintenance schedule. 
For an extensive overview of the maintenance requirements listed above please download the Polymount Plate Cleaner manual from our website.

The Polymount Plate Cleaner is available in different sizes 
For the label market the S (small) 600 x 1000 mm and the M2 800 x 1200 mm. 
For the wide web market the L2 machine 1000 x 1600 mm and the XL2 machine 1200 x 2000 mm. 
We also manufacture an XXL-2 machine for the corrugated market, 1600 x 2400 mm. 

For more information about the Polymount Plate Cleaner, or to plan an annual service please contact on of our sales offices or send an e-mail to info@polymount-int.nl.

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