Coveris in Wisconsin invests in their second Polymount Plate Cleaner

25 January 2016

Coveris in Wisconsin invests in their second Polymount Plate Cleaner

After having used a XL one way Polymount Plate Cleaner for many years now, Steve Mullins, the Manufacturing manager decided to invest in a second plate cleaner in order to increase the efficiency in the mounting department. 

On the reasons why he choose another Plate Cleaner from, Polymount, Steve Mullins states the following: 
“It is well built, has solid engineering to make the limited maintenance required easy to do. We use it to clean roughly 2000 large format plates per month and since we switched to the Polymount unit from hand cleaning plates we’ve virtually eliminated the damage done by hand and significantly reduced press downtime that had been occurring because of dots being scrubbed off the plates.
You know, when the first unit showed up my very first thought was ‘why don’t they make this thing run both ways? What a waste’. Well, that problem’s obviously been solved and our maintenance group is happy you changed the drive to a rack and pinion drive system.It’s all about no downtime, especially if people look at this as a way to limit or reduce labor. The two people I’ve got working on this love it. There’d be a mutiny if I went out and unplugged it.”

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