We made the best Plate Cleaner even better with the new rack & pinion drive system

30 October 2015

We made the best Plate Cleaner even better with the new rack & pinion drive system


We recently upgraded our Plate Cleaners with a new sticky plate transportation system. The old chain system worked well but we were always searching for ways to improve our machines. The transportation system is one of the most important parts of the Plate Cleaner. After a period of testing we became aware of the fact that the rack & pinion drive system helps the machine run more smoothly than the old system using chains. Therefore we decided to make this the new standard for all of our machines. 





If you are currently using one of our Plate Cleaners that washes and dries in both directions, then we have some good news for you! Our engineers are able to ‘retrofit’ your current machine and change the chain transportation system to the new rack & pinion drive system. We recommend combining this with a full service, as in order to change the drive system our engineers have to strip down the machine and can then clean it and replace the components usually done during a service. Our engineers prefer to work this way because when they reassemble everything it is much better for the machine and the new drive system if everything is clean and in good condition. 

A full service usually takes one day but when combined with a retrofit of the drive system it will take two days. As mentioned above the first day is to strip down and clean the machine, and during the second day the machine is rebuilt with all the new components and replacement parts and then fully tested.

If you would like more information on the new rack & pinion drive system or you want to arrange for a retrofit combined with a service, you can either contact your nearest sales office or send an email to info@polymount-int.nl.  

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