The Polymount Plate cleaner is the best-selling printing plate cleaning machine in the mid to wide web Flexographic industry. With more than 1200 machines sold world wide, the Polymount Plate Cleaner has a proven reputation. The quality of cleaning and robustness of build are just two of its world-beating attributes. Besides doing the dirty job for you, it also ensures a longer life for your printing plates. Meaning that it is the perfect solution to be efficient in your production process and sustainable at the same time.

Cleaning off ink is a dirty job, our machine is designed for it! Operator friendly, robust but simple, very low maintenance and the fastest in the world.

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Economical, efficient & user friendly

The transportation system pulls the sticky plate into the wash section. The sticky plate first passes through a flushing section where Polywash detergent is sprayed onto the printing plates. The detergent then begins to dissolve the ink on the printing plate. The next section comprises a very soft, fine haired brush which cleans the plate. Then a sponge roll starts to dry the plates and the in-line drying section finishes the process with hot air. The sticky plate will emerge from the machine with perfectly clean, undamaged and dry printing plates.

Sustainable & eco-friendly

The quantity of Polywash liquids used by the machine is roughly five times less when compared to manual washing. The machine is constantly re-using the liquid, while the cleaning agent slowly evaporates, making the plate cleaner very friendly to the environment. Each 25 litre can (6.6 gallon) washes more than 500 M2 (5500sq ft) of printing plates.

Global maintenance & support

As part of our commitment to help you maintain and optimize the life cycle management of your Polymount Plate Cleaner, you can count on the products, services, and technical support of Polymount worldwide.

ROI is only a matter of months

In around seven minutes your plates are cleaned and dried automatically. The cost per M2 to clean plates is only € 0.50 (or € 0.05 per square foot). No manual cleaning can equal the economics of this. This cost is based on the usage of the cleaning liquid, (5cl per M2, or 2fl oz per 12 sq.ft) . Automated plate cleaning is not just good for your profitability; it is also good for the environment and for the people having to clean the plates. It is also a sustainable, economical and very efficient solution to optimize the reuse of plates.

Automatically cleans and dries dirty plates

After printing, you mount your dirty printingplates on the Sticky Plate. When the plates are mounted, you insert them into the machine and a transport system will run the plate through the machine, the wash / dry program begins and your plates will come out clean, dry and ready for re-use. The Sticky plate is permanent adhesive and will hold your plates over and over again.

Polymount Plate Cleaner 3.0

Polymount Plate Cleaner 3.0. New and improved!

With the recently released 3.0 version of the Polymount Plate Cleaner you can clean your printing plates twice as fast than before. We have improved the brushing contact by an astonishing 300% making it the fastest plate cleaning machine in the world. The Polymount Plate Cleaner 3.0 cleans the printing plates not only horizontally and vertically, but also with a new alternating circular action movement. This makes sure that every part of the plate is cleaned and no ink is left behind. 

How much time do you spend on cleaning printing plates and are the plates really clean?

The polymount plate cleaner is capable of washing and drying multiple plates (up to ca. 4 m2) during a 5 minute cycle (depending on machine size) making it the fastest plate cleaning machine in the world. The unique sticky plate holds the plates firmly in place during the whole process. After washing, the plates are ready to store or reuse immediately!

The Polymount Plate Cleaner is available in different sizes

For the label market we offer the all new Label Edition 700 x 1000mm.
For the Mid / Wide web market the M machine 800 x 1200mm, L machine 1000 x 1600 mm, the XL machine 1200 x 2000 mm and for the corrugated market an XXL 1600 x 2400mm.

The Polymount plate cleaner operates in 2 directions, making it a unique machine. No other machine cleans and dries both ways. If you want the maximum life out of your printing plates, contact one of our sales offices for more information.


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