Film Cleaner installed in Turkey

04 June 2021

We recently installed another Film Cleaner this time in Turkey, one of the main hubs for converters in Europe. The Film Cleaner was installed at Bülent Klişe, which is the largest plate manufacturer in Turkey with 6 branches (İzmir, Gaziantep, Adana, Kayseri, Konya and Eskişehir) and HQ in İstanbul.

Our distributor Uze Ambalaj for Turkey made a special agreement with Bülent Klişe paving the way for a prospecting business. Their business plan is to clean their customers’ setup rolls and misprints. This film cleaning machine in the respective territory was installed in March in Gaziantep, a city harboring the biggest organized industrial area in Turkey and many of the biggest converters of flexible industry. Two operators were trained thoroughly, cleaning many variations of film and ink formulations coming from the entire range of their end customers. The Film Cleaner is already running 2 shifts / 6 days a week with great cleaning results.

We wish Bülent Klişe continued success and thank them for their commitment as well as UZE Ambalaj for their continued support in the process!

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