Foctuba's thoughts on their PPC

28 November 2023

In 2019 we installed a plate cleaner at Foc Tuba Ltd. based in Ukraine. Ever since they have been not only saved time in cleaning, but also improved their printing results!

Gennady Zagoruyko, the company Director stated his experience with the PPC below:

"We installed the Plate Cleaning Machine from Polymount in 2019 and are very happy with it.

Immediately after we started using the machine we could see a significantly better cleaning results compared to the former cleaning method, which even showed a positive impact on our printing quality.

Soon we also experienced a longer life time of our printing plates. Futhermore, we see the PPC has resulted in big savings on the solvents used for cleaning printing plates.

Ovarall it was a very good decision to go for Polymount Plate Cleaner and we are very happy to use it. It saves us time and money everyday.“

We are happy to hear Foc Tuba's positive experience with our machine and want to thank them for their commitment and trust. 

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