Polymount Plate Cleaner 3.0

13 July 2021

The Polymount Plate Claner 3.0!! This Plate Cleaner will make plate cleaning twice as fast! The new brush technology (with a pending patent) cleans better and Faster! The new washing system combines a vertical, horizontal and alternating circular action which leaves no part of the plate untouched. Brush contact has improved by 300% making our plate cleaner by far the fastest plate cleaner in the World. At Polymount it is our goal to deliver sustainable and innovative products to the Flexo market. The plate cleaner ensures a longer life for the printing plate, making it one of the most sustainable solutions you can find. On top of that, if your plates last longer, your costs go down ! You need a machine that is robust and designed to the dirty job, year after year. We invented the compact plate cleaner and are the market leaders in the wide web flexo industry.

Have a look at the video and see for yourself how plate cleaning can become twice as fast !

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