Satisfied Film Cleaner Customer

12 December 2022

This past summer Polymount got the chance to instal another Film Cleaner at Chemosvit in Slovakia. 
On LinkedIn Jaroslav Mervart, the CEO mentioned how the Polymount Film Cleaner helps them contribute to a circular economy: 

" We have recently launched a new Film Cleaner from Polymount International in our subsidiary Tatrafan. This new machine will help us clean printed film and reduce plastic waste as we can reuse the cleaned film for start-up of new designs or recycle it internally. 

Film Cleaner will allow us to produce transparent regranulate, which offers a wider range of applications - such as the production of PE film, transparent or white plastic mouldings and PP Film. 

It will help increase recycled content in plastics production and contribute to the circular economy."

We are happy to read these words and to contribute to Chemosvit's sustainability program. 

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